Christians, Yoga Pants, & Lust

Vintage lighting decor with retro filter effectI’m a bit late to the conversation, as usual. Apparently there was a ruckus in the Christian sub-culture regarding a young lady’s decision to no longer wear Yoga Pants. I read her article and thought she didn’t come across as arrogant, rather, she was sharing personal convictions. What was most shocking to me was the fact that it seemed to charge such passionate online, impersonal debates. It is saddening to me that we as humans, a nation, and as Christians can be so quick to be ‘us’ and ‘them’. Continue reading

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Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 12.31.20 AMWith the encouragement of some good friends, I have decided to move my musings on church planting over to Additionally, I have decided that my next book will be Before You Plant a Church and I hope to release it either in November 2015 or February 2016.

If you would like, head on over to and subscribe to the email newsletter and updates. I’ll be sending out some helpful freebies to those who are subscribed.

From this point on, I will return this blog to issues of Life, Ministry, Theology, and Business. There’ll likely be some other stuff too, so thanks for staying connected!

I’ll be posting a new blog post very soon!

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Learn From Your Life

A few years back I wrote about how nothing in our life is wasted.  This post further explores some simple ways that you can learn from your life and use the lessons you can learn to help those who are coming up behind us.

I was sitting at a friends house the other night and began chatting with his 14  year-old son about girls, money, business, growing up, faith, and making good choices. I’m sure it was a fun conversation for a teenager on a Friday night, but he was kind and obliged my candor and strong opinions.

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