Introducing the “Leadership Conversations” Podcast!

I’ve had the joy of launching a new podcast with my friend Josh Reich. Josh is a pastor in Arizona, an author, a blogger, and an excellent leader.

We launched this podcast to have conversations that leaders want to have so that they can excel in leadership.

You can listen to it on iTunes and Google Play as well as our website,

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A Dead Christmas Tree

Our Christmas tree died this year. I know, I know. They are already dead when we get them, but usually the live trees that we buy last at least until Christmas.

This year, the tree started dropping needles a week before Christmas. It was almost comical. A few days ago, I was resting on the couch and I was startled by the dropping of an ornament. Fortunately, it didn’t break, but I was a bit frightened, to say the least.

Apparently, one main vendor in Houston has been taking some heat for all of their trees dying, but for me, I’m not angry. I’m sure they are doing the absolute best that they can.

For me, this tree was a helpful reminder that the hope of Christmas isn’t found in a beautiful tree, the presents, the food, or even the family. All of those things are gifts that remind us of the Giver, but they aren’t the real Gift.

This dead tree reminded me that I am often given over to idol worship, in that, I place my hope, affections, and allegiance in things that may, in fact, be good, but were never meant to be the best.

I pray that our idols would quickly “lose their needles” as it were, to expose the death that we are giving our worship to. That in this moment, we wouldn’t begin scurrying about looking for the next tree until it dies, but instead, that we would return to the very Source of life and rest in the fact that Jesus is the gift. He is the prize. He is the Tree of Life.

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If You Want To Be A Writer…

If you want to be a writer, then write. Stop talking about it. Pick up a pen, or your laptop (or tablet or smart phone) and write.

Let’s be honest. many of us want the benefits of being a writer, but aren’t willing to put in the hard work.

I love to write, but I haven’t been able to do it much beyond sermon prep and some articles here and there. But, it’s time for me to stop thinking about writing, talking about writing, and actually do something that I love. Write.

I’ve been inspired by the simplicity of Seth Godin’s blog. So, for a season, I’m going to try to post here several times per week. Some posts will be short. Some will be long. Some will have images, many will not.

There will be posts that are random, theological, business oriented, about publishing, discussing ministry, about book projects that I’m working on, family stuff, and so on.

I hope you’ll join me along the way.

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