Get Started

You may have heard some variation of the story of a person being overwhelmed about how to eat an elephant. The answer is a pithy, “One bite at a time!”

Perhaps you struggle with analysis paralysis. You need to have everything planned out to perfection, A to Z before you will get started.

There is certainly merit to that, but I think it often leads to great ideas never taking form. This can lead to a life full of “should of’s” instead of “I’m glad I tried that’s”.

What if, for your next idea, instead of planning A to Z, you make an honest go at A to B? Decide what the next best step is, and give it a go.

Rather than live paralyzed by the overwhelming task, you take it a “bite” at a time. Walk through the doors as they open, and see what you learn along the way.

After all, I’ve heard it said, more than once, that failure is the refusal to learn from failures along the way. So, as long as we’re learning, we might as well trust Jesus and get started.

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