Showing Up

Showing up is important. Whether it’s college classes, work, family life, the gym, or faith, we need to understand the power of showing up.

More than merely showing up, we need to show up consistently. We need to develop the habit of showing up.

I have battled with anxiety and depression on and off, I have learned that part of healing is proper positioning and then showing up. What I mean by proper positioning is many times when life isn’t going our way, it would do us well to evaluate where we are showing up (or not) and how we are showing up (or not).

Often, when things are out of whack, I can do a pretty quick evaluation of habits surrounding my faith, family, health (diet, exercise, water intake, sleep, etc.), work rhythms, regular Sabbath, and reflective retreats, and identify where I am not showing up, and where I am not appropriately positioned.

Showing up entails not only being physically present but also emotionally engaged. You have to be careful when you are showing up, but not engaging emotionally/relationally, that you are probably being experienced more like a fixture than a presence.

If you’re in a rough season, then I have found that it is helpful to communicate that to those close to you that you want to bring the best that you can, but you don’t have much to offer. This happens for everyone at some point in life.

It is easy to show up. It is also easy to not show up. The reality is when we make the habit of showing up, whether it’s at home, work, or our Sunday morning worship gathering, we are taking the right step.

Many people go through life without ever really showing up. I’d encourage you to show up. That’s when the joys of life really become evident.

Let’s commit to one another that we will do our best to show up.

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