Would You Spare 60 Seconds?

It’s incredible to know my story is live and online in several digital book stores – and you all played a huge role in making that happen. A tremendous “thank you” is most certainly in order!

I want to ask you to continue partnering with me as we get the word out about the book launch, and offer even more ways for people to connect with this story and the rescue that is freely available to all through Christ.

Here are two ways that you can help me out – and they’ll take less than 60 seconds to do. Are you ready?

Favor #1: Post this Image as Your Facebook Cover Image

I’ve put together a T2T graphic which lets people know the book is available, as well as the link to the very special book bundle being offered right now…you did know about that, right?

To set this image as your cover photo, you’ll first need to download the image and save it somewhere you’ll be able to get to easily. Then, head over to your profile on Facebook, hover over your cover image and then click the “Change Cover” option. You’ll upload the downloaded image – and in a few seconds, you’re ready to roll.

Remember: You’ll need to download the T2T graphic (which is already the perfect size for your cover image area), and then upload it to your Facebook profile.

Favor #2: Share a Status Update (or Two) about the Book

Would you mind sharing this sweet book bundle offer with your friends? All you have to do iS click this link, tell your friends why they should read the book and click “Share Link”. That’s all.

Remember: Just click this link to open up the “Share Link” box.

Oh, and By the Way…

You might want to keep your eyes peeled over here on the Facebook page. There’s some really cool giveaways that will happen in the next few days, and I’d really like for you to score something awesome!

Have questions? Want to help promote the book even more? Send me a reply with any other ideas you might have in mind, and we’ll put them into action. Don’t forget to download the special graphic and share the book bundle with your friends. Thanks – it really means a lot!

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