Steph & Abby Update: 10/09/12 – 12:58AM

I’m sitting in a ‘recliner’ next to Steph’s hospital bed, listening to the pumps run for the leggings she has on to prevent clots, the bubble noise from the humidifier on the oxygen, and the subtle noise of the machines that regulate the IVs.  She is resting peacefully, but is still quite wheezy.

Although she was weened from her sedation medication, she was still very tired the entire day.  She was constantly asking about Abby and wanted to know why she wasn’t in the room with us.  It took several times of explaining to her that ICU wasn’t the best place for a premie baby to be, but that if she continued to improve, they could be together soon.  I can’t imagine how tough this must be on her.

Her voice is super raspy and at times it is difficult to understand what she says at times, but I am so glad to hear her speak.  We haven’t been able to really communicate much yet, because of how tired she is, so I’m hoping that tomorrow we will be able to connect a little bit better.  I miss her, and I need her very much.

Abby is doing great.  She is currently being fed through a feeding tube until Steph is able to nurse, and is already increasing her feedings.  I changed a poopy diaper tonight while Braelyn was in the nursery with me, and as soon as I was done, another poopy diaper…  I was overjoyed to be able to do it!  Braelyn thought it was HILAROUS.  Also, Braelyn is very glad that no one can take Abby away from us, unlike our experience with adoption this past spring.

I took Braelyn home and got her ready for bed.  I haven’t been able to tuck her in over a week, so it was nice to be able to pray with her and kiss her good night. Her Meme is staying with her, and I’m up here at the hospital.  Tomorrow is another important day for Steph.

Here’s how you can pray:

  1. Braelyn cannot visit Steph while Steph is in the ICU.  Braelyn is really starting to miss her and wants to see her, and I know Steph wants to see B.  Please pray for Braelyn to continue to be strong and content during these next few weeks.
  2. Pray for Steph tomorrow as they are hoping to get her out of bed for her to walk around.  This is going to be important for several reasons, but the primary one right now is so that it can help stir up some of that junk in her chest that she badly needs to be relieved of.
  3. Pray that they will move Steph out of ICU tomorrow.  Not only for the sake that she can see Braelyn, but also, so that she can hopefully start seeing Abby more often.
  4. Pray for me.  I’m tired, and I can feel the residual effects of the stress I have been over since last Friday morning.  Even having to consider the possibility that you might lose your spouse and/or baby is almost unbearable.  God was super gracious, but I am old enough now to know that this kind of stress has consequence.
  5. Join me in thanksgiving for God’s healing power, His provision, and His people.  We are blessed.