Steph & Abby: UPDATE – 10/08/12 – 2:23PM CST

I couldn’t sleep last night.  I spent some time trying to wind down last night, but all I could think about was that I had a a daughter in the NICU and a wife in the ICU.  I wanted to be near to them.  Steph was going to begin being weened from her ventilator at around 4am, so I figured at about 1:30am I wasn’t going to sleep, so I would shower and head back to the hospital.  When I got here, I went to the NICU and held Abby for about an hour or so, then I went upstairs to be with Steph.

My good friend, Mike Haskew, volunteered to stay with Steph for a few hours while I went home to “sleep”, so when I got back early, he was a bit surprised.  I called my mother-in-law at 3am for her wakeup call, and then fell in and out of sleep sitting up on the small couch in Steph’s room.  It was uncomfortable, but I was pooped.

The process was much slower than I had anticipated, but after four or five hours, they were finally able to be convinced that Steph could breathe on her own.  Fortunately, she was still pretty sedated, even though they had discontinued her sedation meds several hours prior to this.  They were able to remove the tubes with relative ease, and she immediately began to breathe on her own and her vital signs proved that she was able to be on her own.

After she was stabilized, I went to the NICU to find that they were preparing to transfer Abby out of a bed with a heater to a regular crib!  She had been doing so well, and was able to regulate her own temperature that she was able to move to a regular crib!

I talked to the nurse down there and asked her when Mommy could meet Baby Abby.  When Steph had woken up enough to talk, and understood what had happened, all she would ask for was “Baby Abby” and “My girls”.  The nurses worked their magic and were able to work it out so that Abby could come to Steph to meet her.  It was a beautiful moment!

While we are far from ‘out of the woods’ with Steph, she has moved from Critical Condition (for those of you who do not know, she had to be put on a machine that breathed for her aka life support for over 36 hours.  It was a very scary time.  I’m still processing it, so I’ll write more about it later, but suffice it to say, in a very short time, our Great Redeemer took a very potentially dark time, and shined His Light into it.  I am very aware that we do not deserve it, but I gladly receive it with great gratitude.

Here’s some things that you can pray about:

  • Pray that Abby will continue to develop and be able to stay with her Mommy soon.
  • Pray that Steph’s lungs will begin to clear out, and that Steph would be patient with the process.
  • Pray for myself and our family.  We are wiped out and have been through some very stressful times these last several days.  We need rest.  We need peace.  We need Him.
Would you do me a brief favor?  Would you mind leaving a brief comment below and let me know where you are from if you are praying for us?  I’ve been told that friends around the world are praying, I’d like to develop a list to encourage Steph with.  She is having to battle a lot.  I want her to know that she isn’t having to fight this battle alone.  She believes that God is near, but it would be good to know that His people are near as well.
More updates to come in the near future.