I’m All In

My wife, Steph, and I have been together half of our lives.  I met her when I was 17 and I am now 34.  So, literally, half of our lives.  She has been with me since a few months after the tragedy, and she was with me when I met the Truth.  She knows my personality and she says I’ve always been ‘All-Or-Nothing’.  This has served me well at times, and well, not so well at times.

With my Kickstarter Campaign, there are many reasons why I chose to do it.  However, one of the primary reasons is because it is All-Or-Nothing.  That means, if I do not reach my financial goal of $7500 by Monday, October 1st at 11:55pm, then I receive nothing.  None of the pledges that were made will be placed into my account.  However, if we are able to reach the goal, then all of it (less the applied charges of Kickstarter and Amazon Payments) will come into my account and we will move forward with the publishing plan and schedule set before us.

As of this writing, we have approximately $3,000 left to raise in just 6 days.  Now, $3000 is a lot of money for a lot of people (most people), but if you break it down like this, then we can make it happen:


300 People Gave $10
200 People Gave $15
120 People gave $25
60 People gave $50
30 People gave $100
15 People gave $200
12 Peple gave $250
6 People gave $500
3 People gave $1000
2 People gave $1500
1 Person gave $3000

As you can see, if we all get the word out and encourage our friends and family to participate, we can do it!  I’m prayerful, I’m hopeful, and I’m all in!

Here are ways you can help me this final week:

  1. Make a Pledge: Any amount will help us reach our goal!
  2. Blog About it: If you have a blog, would you consider doing a post about my campaign with a link to the project?  I’d be willing to do an interview or guest blog as well, just let me know.
  3. Tweet About It: Tell your followers/friends on Twitter about the project and encourage them to participate.
  4. ReTweet My Tweets About It: If you see me Tweet about it, then you can RT it.  My twitter account is: @caseycease
  5. Facebook It: Share links to the campaign on Facebook.  You can click the ‘Like’ button on the Kickstarter page that is under the video and it will post to your Facebook Timeline
  6. E-Mail Friends & Family: Let them know about the project.
  7. Use the Easy URL I made: http://caseycease.com/book <– That will take them to the Kickstarter page.

Let’s do this!

Tragedy to Truth by Casey Cease -- Kicktraq Mini

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