If You Want To Be A Writer…

If you want to be a writer, then write. Stop talking about it. Pick up a pen, or your laptop (or tablet or smart phone) and write.

Let’s be honest. many of us want the benefits of being a writer, but aren’t willing to put in the hard work.

I love to write, but I haven’t been able to do it much beyond sermon prep and some articles here and there. But, it’s time for me to stop thinking about writing, talking about writing, and actually do something that I love. Write.

I’ve been inspired by the simplicity of Seth Godin’s blog. So, for a season, I’m going to try to post here several times per week. Some posts will be short. Some will be long. Some will have images, many will not.

There will be posts that are random, theological, business oriented, about publishing, discussing ministry, about book projects that I’m working on, family stuff, and so on.

I hope you’ll join me along the way.

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