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First, and this is exciting, Blake Quimby’s new CD can be downloaded on iTunes by clicking here:

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This summer has been an amazing time of ministry. I am currently at my fourth camp in Disney, Oklahoma and so far it has been going very well. My friend Angelo Gonzalez is traveling with me this summer and it has been a blast… Angelo is a 200lb Mexican dude who loves God and has a great wife named Sarah. A few weeks ago I had the privilege of having the 200lb Mexican fall on me when I flipped the golf cart at camp. Now, this is interesting, because I flipped a golf cart last year at the same camp, on the same night… This has actually been my 3rd flipped golf cart incidence in the last ten years…

We were heading down a hill in the parking lot at ETBU and we were going pretty fast. Up ahead of us was a ‘T’ in the parking lot and as we approached the ‘T’ Angelo dropped the clip to his Airsoft™ gun. So, I looked down to see where it went, looked up and noticed that I needed make a quick decision, and then I made the decision to turn right. Wrong decision… We were going 15-20 mph (estimate) and the golf cart came slamming over on my side, so as gravity would have it, so did the 200 lb Mexican… We both were banged up, I got some pretty cool scrapes:

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So, that hurt… Then, that same week we were tipped off that the camp staff was going to ambush my good friend John Sherrill from the John Sherrill Band and his guys with Airsoft™ guns, so we had to make a plan. We made secret locations on the campus and took them on with gorilla warfare. We were proof that gorilla warfare works. However, as we were making our last attack, I yelled for us to run back to our dorms, but Zack (bass player, JSB) stopped and went, “Huh???” and I ran into him and scraped my knees…

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That was fun!… Steph and Braelyn were able to travel to two camps so far, and it was great to have them along with me. God has been so gracious to us as we travel proclaiming His truth and seeking to honor Jesus with our lives and ministry. We still have several weeks of camp left before we get a small vacation to San Antonio.

I’ll blog again soon…


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