A Convicting Reminder…


Judson was invited by a congregation in the U.S. to share after returning from 30 years in the mission field in Burmah. They were disappointed with his presentation, because he did not tell stories about his trip, rather he talked about Jesus.


“My business is to preach the gospel of Christ; and when I can speak at all, I dare not trifle with my commission. When I looked upon those people to-day, and remembering where I should next meet them, how could I stand up and furnish food to vain curiosity—tickle their fancy with amusing stories, however decently strung together on a thread of religion? That is not what Christ meant by preaching the gospel. And then how could I hereafter meet the fearful charge, ‘I gave you one opportunity to tell them of ME; you spent it in describing your own adventures!'”

– Judson, the missionary to Burmah as quoted by Charles Spurgeon in his sermon The Blood