Casey Cease

November 2007

My Wife Jacked My Blog…

Well, you know that it is time to blog when your wife hijacks your blog and tells you it is time to blog. I guess I was a little surprised because I didn’t think many folks read my blog, but … Read More


Casey…I have Kidnapped Your Blog!

Casey,This is your wife typing.I have kidnapped your blog and I am making demands!WRITE A NEW POST!!!!! I am confident that I’m not the only As You Are Going reader to feel this way! I love you. 🙂Steph

Casey Cease

About Casey Cease

Until the age of 17, his life was defined by anxiety, depression, and a vain pursuit of happiness in things never created to satisfy him. Following a tragic automobile crash, which resulted in the death of his friend, Casey began searching for truth. Through a series of events God revealed the truth of Jesus Christ to Casey and since that time he has never been the same... Read more