Learn From Your Life

A few years back I wrote about how nothing in our life is wasted.  This post further explores some simple ways that you can learn from your life and use the lessons you can learn to help those who are coming up behind us.

I was sitting at a friends house the other night and began chatting with his 14  year-old son about girls, money, business, growing up, faith, and making good choices. I’m sure it was a fun conversation for a teenager on a Friday night, but he was kind and obliged my candor and strong opinions.

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Take Your Time | Before You Plant a Church – Part 4

I have the privilege of coaching several church planters, and one of the biggest challenges for them is the ability to take their time in the process.  Hey, even I was guilty of getting, “ants in my pants” as my wife, Steph, would say.  While the temptation to rush things, and at times, push things along, is great, church planters must realize that pushing things along too quickly can cause a lot more harm than good. Continue reading

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Before You Plant a Church – Part 3 – Manage Expectations

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 8.00.14 PMSurvey the 80s teen classic movies on Netflix, and you’ll find recurring themes: alienation, being misunderstood, suffering the hells of being “uncool”, and a radical transformation, where the balance of power is restored. The geek gets the girl, and the weakling triumphs over the tough guy. The Karate Kid was this movie to me, when I was six years old. While I wasn’t bullied as a kid, I did often feel out of control. Watching Daniel-Son (played by Ralph Macchio) start out being beat up by the ‘cool kids’, but then learn Karate (in what appeared to be a two week time period), and defeat the coolest kid made me want to take Karate classes. The reality was, I wanted the benefits of Karate; power, control, and the ability to crane kick my way out of any situation. I was able to talk my parents into signing me up for a Karate class. I hated it. I expected that in a matter of weeks I would be a lean, mean 1st grader fighting machine, but the reality was, I couldn’t even keep my balance on one foot. Karate was much more difficult to learn than it appeared, so I quit. Continue reading

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