We’re Moving to Brenham!

We’re moving to Brenham, TX!!!
The rumors are true… We are moving to Brenham, TX! Steph Braelyn and I will be closing on our house there in March and hope to be moved in completely before April 1st!!!

Why are we moving to Brenham? So glad you asked! We are moving to Brenham to be a part of a new church plant called Christ Church Brenham. I will be one of the Pastor/Elders, BUT I will continue to travel on a full-time basis with Transform Ministries. It has been amazing how God has revealed His will to us and how things have fallen into place.

I know some of my online friends live in Brenham, so I hope to see you there sometime!

Here’s the answer to some FAQ’s:

1. Will you still be traveling with Transform Ministries?
ANSWER: Yes. It’s funny, I tell people that I will be still traveling when I first tell them about the church, but they don’t seem to hear me. So, just to be clear, Transform Ministries will still be my primary ‘job’/ministry. I have a full summer schedule and am already scheduling for the Fall.

2. “How can me and my family help?”ANSWER: Prayer, Prayer, and more Prayer. We are currently asking God to raise up a few more Christian couples to join us in this exciting time to partner with us in planting this new church and as with any church, finances are a necessity.

3. “Why Brenham?”
ANSWER: Great question! That was my first question when my friend Justin was telling me about the vision God had given he and his family for the area. However, not only is it a great town, but there are also 2,500 students at Blinn College and few are connected anywhere locally. We are not going with the intention on being a ‘college church’, but we hope that we will be able to provide a place for college students to connect. Also, there are quite a few folks ages 18-36 who aren’t currently connected to any churches in the area, so we thought that the harvest is plentiful…

4. “Doesn’t Brenham already have a lot of churches?”
ANSWER: There are quite a few great churches already in the Brenham and surrounding area, however, most of the church leaders express their excitement about us coming to be a part of what God is doing there.

Well, I’m sure there are a lot of other questions, but this should do for now. Looking forward to seeing some of you there!


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