Thoughts on Psalm 62:1

For God alone my soul waits in silence; from him comes my salvation. (Psalm 62:1)

God is our only hope, yet we wait not, and surely we wait not in silence. When life gets hard, we stir about, grasping for hope in creation rather than the creator. It is like our faith flies out of the window and our hope becomes based on our own ability to create a solution. Why don’t we wait, and why don’t we wait in silence?

What if we became a people who not only waited on God, but waited in silence, patiently trusting that He is able and willing to preserve His own? First, we are afraid of silence, because we are then haunted with our great unbelief, “What if God doesn’t speak or act?” Our unbelief is one of the primary cores of our sinful behavior. Our unbelief causes us to ask the questions like, “Why would God…?” Rather than proclaiming, “…from him comes my salvation.”

Second, the People of God today have bought into the lie that, “…from me comes my salvation.” We buy into false clichés such as, “God helps those who help themselves,” and “God blesses those who name it and claim it.” We must return to a God-centered hope. Only God can bring our salvation. Only God is the One who will faithfully keep His promises.

When will we quit acting like our God is a liar? When will we be a people who silently wait for our God, and act in obedience, rather than acting to grasp our salvation, and give God credit later? When will I wait silently for the only One who can save me? When will you?

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