The Glory of God in the Covenant of Marriage

This past weekend I had the privilege of officiating a wedding of my friends Ben Pun and Rachel Gor. I had met Ben last fall as he and I had mutual friends and he was looking for someone to preach at the winter retreat for his youth. We hit it off immediately and really enjoyed one anothers company. I had asked him in our meetings if he had a girlfriend and if he thought marriage was in sight. He told me that he did, but he wasn’t sure yet about marriage. However, I have a high view of the covenant of marriage and think that it is good for a man to have a wife (see Proverbs 18:22).

I met his bride at the winter retreat and got to know her a bit. Immediately I realized what a gem she was, so I sat down to have an intentional conversation with Ben about it. I don’t rememer the exact wording of the conversation, but here was the gist. I told him that if there is a beautiful woman who loves God, and by some miracle, loves him then he should marry her. He’d be a fool not to.

Apparently, God used that as one of the main encouragements for Him to take the leap of faith into marriage. So, they invited me to be the pastor who officiated the wedding and I was honored to do so. What a blessing!

As Ben’s brother and I prayed for Ben before the ceremony, there was a sacred moment of overwhelming graditude that Ben had towards God for His kindness in blessing Him with Rachel. The ceremony was beautiful, and the love of the families and friends were evident. It is true, as Paul writes in Ephesians 5 that marriage, when entered into with a biblical view, is a living testimony and illiustration of Christ’s faithfulness to His Bride, the Church.

We celebrate with the Pun’s and wish them the best! Marriage is truly a blessing and is a great opportunity for two of God’s children, who have been redeemed by Jesus Christ to become one and live as an example of His unending grace… Our prayers are with Ben and Rachel as they begin their life together on mission!