Lucid is Live! Here’s to New Beginnings!

Anytime I sit down to a meal with my long-time friend, mentor, and calling-coach, Rod Brace, I am simultaneously prepared and unprepared for what is about to hit me. Inevitably, our meetings challenge, change and bless me. However, this particular early-morning breakfast caught me off guard in a way that only happens when God is involved.

Before I dive into the ham and cheese omelet conversation, let me give you a few details about who I am and the circumstances surrounding my life at the time. My name is Casey Cease. I am the founder and Executive Director of Transform Ministries, a non-profit organization through which I travel across the United States speaking to students about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Transform is a faith-based organization, which means that I do not fund-raise, but rather trust that the Lord will provide all that I need to support the ministry and my family. This past summer, the Lord graciously gave way for my faith to increase, as our first daughter arrived and my wife Stephanie decided to say goodbye to teaching along with a steady $38,000 a year. Our safety net was gone, but our prayer closets were occupied, and Rod Brace continually pushed us towards faithful action. I would be lying if I said that we were never worried about how the money would come in, but at the same time we were excited to see the imagination of God at work. And indeed we did.

So over our first round of coffee, Rod was explaining to me his new idea for an online magazine and a print-on-demand publishing company. His plan really peaked my interest and I was looking forward to contributing to the magazine. I thought maybe I’d write and article every now and again and perhaps be on my way to my first book. He continued to share with me his passion for the concept and the direction his prayers were taking as he researched the ins and outs of the business. Questions like “Why am I so passionate about Lucid?” and “Why is this happening now?” filled his prayer journal.

As our breakfast was being served Rod explained how God had answered his questions. He said, “Casey, the more I poured my time, energy and passion into Lucid, the more I began to realize that this concept is for you and Steph. It is a gift, and Diana and I would like to help you get it off the ground. Needless to say, I was speechless, and humbled, and in awe of the creativity of God.

So here we begin. Transform Media Group (Lucid Magazine and Lucid Books) shows its face for the first time. It was born because the Lord gave Rod Brace a vision to provide an outlet for regular people to share what they have learned and created and heard and seen and lived. We invite you to join our online community in the expression of our discoveries and the pursuit of truth. We encourage you to not just read, but to participate in the exchange of thoughts. From thoughts to articles, from articles to books, from books to who knows where. We follow the example of our Father. He is the Creator, Artist, Poet. Let us reflect His character.

Life is happening all around us, join us in saying something about it. Perhaps something new will begin for you.

Casey & Steph Cease

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