Jesus, Turkey, and Miscellaneous Ramblings…

Jesus. There is no greater name. However, I wonder why I am so quick to forget? Stress, worry, frustration can sneak up so quickly. I am reminded that there is a thief who loves to “steal, kill, and destroy,” yet I am too quick to forget the One who came that I might have “life abundantly.” (See John 10:10) As I reach the end of another semester of traveling & preaching, pastoring, husband-ing, fathering, and seminary-ing, I am reminded that I can do nothing outside of the grace of Jesus Christ.

However, lately I have been “By the grace of Jesus” and “By the skin of my teeth…” I don’t know if that makes sense, and it wasn’t meant to be heretical, but whatever… This semester I have been studying Biblical Hebrew, and I am increasingly aware that my expertise will not be in Biblical Linguistics. It just doesn’t click. I’ve overspiritualized it, underspiritualized it, accurately spiritualized it and I am content to know that I know and love some world class linguists, but I am just not like them. However, I have learned how to use some tools that help me understand the text better, so for that I am grateful.

Thanksgiving is upon us once again, here is a quick list of things I am thankful for:

  1. Triune God & His Bible
  2. Steph & Braelyn
  3. Extended Family
  4. Christ Church – all of it and everyone involved
  5. Friends
  6. Laughter
  7. Transform Ministries – The Ministers and the Board of Directors Rock!
  8. Provision
  9. Preaching
  10. Pals (There, I have achieved a good ‘ol Baptist Alliteration)
  11. Coffee
  12. TV Series on DVD
  13. Cool weather
  14. Fixed automobile
  15. My MacBook Pro
  16. House, Cars, Etc.
  17. Good Blogs
  18. Bad Blogs that make me grateful for the good blogs.
  19. Movies
  20. Miracles (see

One last thought. For seminary, I am also taking Contemporary Evangelism, and part of the curriculum is sharing my faith with 3 non-Christians. I am kind of in a pinch, because on one hand I travel all the time and preach to hundreds of people each semester about Jesus, but this needs to be one on one conversations. So, if any of you reading this do not believe in Jesus and would be willing to let me share with you why I do, please let me know! 1) I would love to share you the greatest thing that ever happened to me. 2) I want to do so with integrity, that is why I am posting this. 3) I think this assignment is a bit silly, but I want to submit to the authorities placed over me…

Okay, one last last thought… Why is it that when I was a teenager I thought that every feeling I experienced = Truth? It seems that this is an ongoing issue with students (and adults). Feelings do not equal truth, however, in our culture it appears that we submit to our feelings, and thus become the sovereign to determine truth. Rather than allowing the Truth to subdue and direct our affections and feelings. Any thoughts?

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