Answered Prayers: Steph & Abby Update 10/10/12 9:52am CST

I am so overwhelmed by the love and support that has been showed to my little family over the last few days.  Even more humbling is God’s grace towards us, His patience with us (me especially), and His mercy in this situation.  His grace has been felt through your prayers, support, encouragement, and when possible, your presence.

Yesterday was a great day of improvement from Steph.  She fixed her pony tail, walked a bit, and as of last night started being more coherent.  This morning was monumental.  She had improved so much, so quickly!  This morning she was able to get out of bed, walk down the hall pushing a cart (we intentionally went the direction the lung doctor was so that we could show off how awesome my wife is, and how great she is doing.

When we got back from the walk, her internal medicine doc was here and said that people no longer had to wear masks around her, that her lung X-rays were looking tons better (even from yesterday!), and that she wants to get her out of the ICU TODAY!  EVEN greater news, she said if Steph continues on this path of improvement, she and Abby could GO HOME TOMORROW!!! If not tomorrow, then Friday!

Only 3 days ago they were talking to me about a long-term hospital stay, the possibility of Abby being released before Steph, etc.  Now, by God’s grace and mercy, through your prayers, and the doctors efforts, my girls might be reunited much earlier than expected!  I feel so grateful to God.  He always answers prayers, but He is not obligated to answer them the way we feel He should.  However, we are taught in the Bible to pray without ceasing, to bring our requests to Him, and to trust Him to hear and answer our prayers because of what Jesus accomplished on the cross, and the power of the ressurection, and by the aid of the Holy Spirit. (Theological Disclaimer: I have Scripture verses for all of this, but I’m tired and don’t feel like proof-texting, I hope you’ll afford me this grace, just this once…)

Please continue to pray for Steph, Abby, Braelyn, myself, and our family and friends.  We have been through some intense and traumatic stuff this past week.  We need Jesus, and we need you.

Here’s how you can pray specifically:

  1. Steph is moved out of ICU today.
  2. Steph and Abby are reunited (Steph does not remember either meeting she had with Abby, so I aim to remedy this today)
  3. That Abby would begin nursing quickly.
  4. That Steph will continue to heal.
  5. That Steph and Abby will be able to come home tomorrow or Friday (I’m not picky at this point!)

For those of you who have been asking how to help, I offer this information:

  1. Meal Planning – Click here
  2. Amazon Baby Registry – Click Here

I will be updating again soon!