A Pregnant Dude?

The other day I saw this article about a pregnant man. I was shocked and wondered, “What does this mean theologically if a dude is pregnant!?!?” It turns out the ‘man’ is really a woman who had a partial-sexolectamy (don’t know the proper lingo), but still had enough goods to make a kid (with the help of some specialists).

Here are a few observations:

1) That is not a man.
2) If she thinks she’s a man, she is still a she.
3) Even if she submitted to a masectomy and took some hormones to help grow some facial fuzz, she is still a woman.
4) I cannot believe Oprah had her on the show… Wait, yes I can.
5) This is another evidence that our post-modern thinking (i.e. – if you feel it, then it’s true) is permeating our culture…

This poor woman believes she’s a man. However, nature is proving that she is still a woman…