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Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 9.09.02 PMA little over a year ago I decided to stop taking medication for my Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). When I was taking meds, man could I focus, and this made my quiet times very fruitful. I would sit and journal, read my Bible, and pray consistently, but when I stopped the meds, things began to change.

While I still was fairly consistent in reading the Scriptures and praying, the quality of the time I was putting in was far less than I was used to (thank God for grace!). It was such a struggle to focus and to be able to sit still long enough to accomplish very much. I was used to reading multiple chapters in the Bible when I had my quiet time, but this was becoming almost impossible to do on a daily basis.

About a month-and-a-half ago I started making significant changes to my diet and being much more intentional about working out. One day I was listening to music on my iPhone and I decided to try to listen to the Bible on my phone. I have the ESV Study Bible App on my phone, so I started with one of my favorite books of the Bible, Romans.

In one workout I was able to listen to over 10 chapters in Romans and was actually paying attention! I suppose it was the combination of lifting weights, doing cardio, and listening that made me pay attention moreso than I have in a while. It was so refreshing to do something healthy for my body and for my soul at the same time.

I’m an auditory learner (when I can actually focus), and this has been working very well for me the last few weeks. This time has become quite sacred to me and I am even more motivated to get into the gym.

I still spend time in my ESV Study Bible, but it’s great to listen to the Word as well.

What are some creative ways you have found to spend time with the Lord?  Leave your answer in a comment below.

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  • I am using a Messianic Discipleship guide to learn more about how the people living in Jewish society at Jesus’s (Yeshua”s) day may have seen things. You know how we always say that they believed that they tried to be saved by works and we believe in grace, these types of books bring up the fact that it always was by grace people were saved. Abraham’s faith was counted as righteousness. The new covenant flowed out of the old. It is beautiful to see. The way the Jews taught and the way Jesus did also was to ask questions. The questions in this discipleship manual test me to see if my mind has wondered while reading. Many times it has and I need to go over the material again. There are verses to memorize and that is challenging but always good.

    A second way I have changed up my quiet time is to read the Bible written chronologically to get the time lines straight. I started doing that this year but found the Messianic Discipleship Manual and have been feasting on that.

    The third way is to take the Precept Bible study and study the same chapter over and over again that week as I study it. It slows me down so I get more out of it. My mind just wants to race. I liken this way to study as combing though knots in hair. By going over and over the same passage, I “soak” in the Word and it fills me like a satisfied infant on it’s mother’s milk. Nothing like it.